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Meet the team.

Our team of Nutritionist all have the same goal when it comes to working with clients. 

To help our clients achieve their nutrition goals and live a healthy balanced life.


I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over ten years. As a wife and mother of three boys, I comprehend the significance of maintaining a balance in health, fitness, and nutrition. I have witnessed individuals trying extreme diets or challenges only to abandon them post-challenge due to unrealistic and unsustainable requirements without ample support. This is why I advocate for gradual, consistent changes that can significantly impact a person's overall health and well-being.

Together with my husband, Brad, we have run Hillside CrossFit since 2013. I am enthusiastic about preparing nutritious meals for my family and assisting others in achieving equilibrium in their fitness, diet, and lifestyle. I am thrilled to support you in achieving your objectives and establishing enduring healthy habits.


I am a recent graduate in nutrition with a passion for helping others to make informed choices about their health. Currently I am continuing my studies to become a registered dietitian. I am enthusiastic about guiding clients towards optimal nutrition. I advocate for the power of mindful eating and strive to educate individuals on the importance of nourishing their bodies. With a keen interest in sports nutrition, I aim to work within the sports industry, assisting athletes in optimising their performance through tailored nutrition plans. I am excited to start my journey of empowering others to achieve their health and wellness goals.

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